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Cowboy Smile Northern Style

Cowboy Smile Northern Style -- Out now

Stupid had a place and it wasn’t in Nash’s life anymore. How many mistakes could a man make? One near marriage to the perfect woman. One marriage to the wrong woman. And one divorce. Yep, being alone had advantages. At least that was his belief over the years. He liked his unruffled existence until Grey showed back up. It was time to take a stand and get his life in order once and for all.

Greyson needed a favor. A huge favor. A life and death favor. She’d exhausted all options but one. Nash Walker. She had no right to ask him for a thing but he was her last resort. She prayed during her drive to Ohio he’d let her and the kids stay until she sorted through her messy life. She’d even drop to her knees and beg. That’s if he didn’t shoot her on sight.

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Prescribing Pleasure

Prescribing Pleasure--Out now from Torrid Books

Dr. Amy Townsend’s superb clinical skills and sensible approach to practicing medicine, allow her to effectively handle whatever the residents of Cleveland throw her way in the eastside hospital emergency department. However, she’s ill prepared to deal with her attraction to the construction manager of the hospital’s expansion project. She’s never met a more handsome, sexually appealing, and emotionally unavailable man in her life. Amy loves a challenge and Mr. Issac Weston provides one she simply can’t ignore.

Most people in Zack’s life remain categorized and compartmentalized. He can’t figure out where Amy belongs, other than in his bed. No matter how hard he tries to keep a safe distance, the good doctor slinks past years of barriers and strips them away. He’s never been more turned on by a woman and if he isn’t careful, he could find himself swallowing more than Dr. Amy’s prescription for pleasure.



Whisper--Out now from The Wild Rose Press

2012 Holt Medallion Award of Merit for Long Contemporary.

After an accident at work, Keith returns home to heal. What he finds is the soft spoken woman who lives across the street, running his household and caring for his brothers. When Whisper looks after him too, Keith finds it impossible to think about her anywhere but in his home. He believes he’s found the one thing missing in his life—someone for him.

That changes when he learns Whisper isn’t her real name. She doesn’t work at a computer company. Her sister is, in fact, her sister-in-law and Whisper’s being hunted by an ex-husband, private investigators and Federal agents. Common sense tells him to protect his brothers, turn his back, and forget about the woman who lives a lie. Every instinct screams for him to hold on and keep her safe.

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Forbidden Thunder--Out Now from The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Never, ever call Four Sons! Caila McKenna understands the rule. A truck accident and her brother’s life held in the balance, Caila's forced to make the call to the large towing company. John Thunder, the owner of Four Sons, agrees to help, but assistance comes at an extremely high price. The strong, confident, Native American seems to want two things from a McKenna. Money and pain. 

John gathers his brothers for a rescue and recovery. A forty year old debt would finally be settled and the McKenna’s would pay. John’s proud of his reputation for being hard but fair, and can’t seem to balance the two when dealing with Caila. He can’t ignore the intriguing woman who wears work boots and a man’s shirt. Simple negotiations over a black and white contract suddenly seem gray as John tries to remember all the reasons he should keep dealings with Caila strictly business.

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This site is intended for person's 18 years or older.