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Forbidden Thunder--Out Now from The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Never, ever call Four Sons! Caila McKenna understands the rule. A truck accident and her brother’s life held in the balance, Caila's forced to make the call to the large towing company. John Thunder, the owner of Four Sons, agrees to help, but assistance comes at an extremely high price. The strong, confident, Native American seems to want two things from a McKenna. Money and pain. 

John gathers his brothers for a rescue and recovery. A forty year old debt would finally be settled and the McKenna’s would pay. John’s proud of his reputation for being hard but fair, and can’t seem to balance the two when dealing with Caila. He can’t ignore the intriguing woman who wears work boots and a man’s shirt. Simple negotiations over a black and white contract suddenly seem gray as John tries to remember all the reasons he should keep dealings with Caila strictly business.

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Long and Short Reviews

“Forbidden Thunder is a story that puts the pedal to the metal and takes you on an exhilarating ride from start to finish. The plot is fantastic, the pace never relents, and all of the characters, quite literally, leap from the page and come to life.”

The Romance Studio, 4.5 Hearts

“I loved this story. It was intriguing, entertaining, and charming. If you love strong women lead characters and alpha men who learn to love them stories, this is a book for you!” Reviewed by Steph B.

5 Cups Coffee Time Romance

“Forbidden Thunder is hotter than a desert and steamier than a jungle. The loving in this book sizzles off the pages. John Thunder is every woman’s dream and Cailia is a strong woman every woman would like to be. If I had to set the book down I was anxious to get back to it. Forbidden Thunder is one unforgettable story that a reader would find difficult to put down. “ Delane, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Night Owl Romance

“…Caila was a riot. Her history, as it slowly unfolded, was filled with more interesting tidbits one after another. Readers will enjoy this and be as satisfied as I was when the last page ends.” The Night Owl Reviews Staff


The cab of the truck jumped beneath them. The screech of metal grinding against concrete and asphalt marked the progress of what seemed inevitable. If the cab went over, the trailer would be next, and from where the trucks were mashed together the tanker could follow. Groaning, trying to keep from falling by wedging his boots between the fuel tank and body panel, his fingers threaded with hers as Alex, his next youngest brother, said, “You have got to be kidding!”

John called, “There’s not a damn thing funny about the situation.”

“Well, Christ, John, crawl back over!”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t talk, work the chains.”

“Sorry about this,” Caila said.

His fingers clenched her small hands a little tighter. “You will be, little girl, you will be.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Liam asked.

“I’m going to get you both out of this mess, take your sister to my truck, and splinter her rear end.”

The sound of metal crunching and scraping ended the conversation as men yelled, calling instructions to each other. “John, let go and get back,” Alex yelled, “we can’t secure it. We need the second truck.”

“Just get it done. Bring the truck up, hook to it and get Paul to ease a steady pressure on the chains. Stabilize this mess, or we’re going over.”

The truck bounced once violently. Glass broke as everything in the cab shifted. Caila screamed. “Oh, God, Liam, grab my legs! John, help us, get us out!”

The naked terror in her voice made his grasp tighten.

“Hold her,” Liam yelled.

“She’s not going anywhere.”


This site is intended for person's 18 years or older.